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Why should you Incorporate Gemstones into your Self-Care routine?

Why should you Incorporate Gemstones into your Self-Care routine? 


A balance between your mind and body influences your intellectual and spiritual growth. To achieve that, self-care should be your top priority. 

Are you looking for a natural way to reduce your stress and anxiety? If yes, then you'll find yourself much relieved after using gemstones for the same purpose. 

Using crystals as a part of your self-care routine can certainly help you to eliminate all the negative and unwanted energies. It builds a protective shield around you. 

People have been using healing gemstones for centuries.  A variety of crystals offer different benefits; some of them lessen stress, others enable you to think more intelligently, while some are just for boosting your self-esteem. 

When utilizing them for self-care and health advantages, having a powerful feeling of self-love is significant. Once you start using crystals and stones, you might get a soothing feeling of lightness and relief. However, the intensity of results after using them vary from person to person. 

You can use as many crystals as you desire. There is no limit to it. These crystals work together in elevating and building your body's energy. 

How can healing crystals do wonders for you? 

The benefits of letting these gemstones become a part of your self-care routine are numerous. The soothing and strengthening effects of healing crystals improve your body in many ways. You just need to get the most appropriate gem for you. 

Here's how you can make the most of healing crystals. 

  • Meditation crystals 


People meditate for their peace of mind. So, when you use crystals while meditating, it boosts your receptiveness towards positive frequencies carried by them. 

Moreover, it helps you reach higher levels of consciousness. 

  • Crystals journaling 

Journaling or holding a piece of crystals while you are writing or drawing further elevates your thinking power and awareness. 

  • Getting a gemstone massage 


We recommend you get rose quartz massage which is extremely soothing and helps you to rewind your nervous system. 

Also, you'll need some warm coconut or almond oil. 

  • Carrying a crystal with you throughout the day 

You can wear a crystal in the form of a jewelry item which is enough to radiate much positive energy. 

  • Using crystal elixirs 

Crystal Elixirs are used to get the most therapeutic properties from crystals. It depends on you if you drink or use a few drops daily.  

The natural properties of both water and crystal, when combined, give you a great positive impact along with stimulating all the relaxing hormones inside the body. 

When mixed with water, a gemstone releases positive energy that impacts the vibration of the water. 

Moreover, these positive intentions shift the molecular structure of water, leading you to therapeutic advantages. 

  • Keeping gemstones in your makeup Bag 


Recently, some crystal face rollers have been designed and crafted from amethyst and jade due to their well-recognized healing powers.  

They are used to enhance the effects of moisturizers, soothe sensitive skin, and deliver a soothing facial massage. 

Nowadays, the beauty industry is willing to add organic and natural things back into our makeup bags. Cosmetic items such as face glitter, powders, and even lipsticks are bringing out inspiration from crystals. 

Therefore, we suggest that adding useful crystals to your self-care routines will bring about good noticeable changes in your mind and body. 




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